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MOZA KS Steering Wheel

MOZA KS Steering Wheel

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KS Steering Wheel

Key Features
  • 300mm Butterfly Style GT Wheel
  • Programmable Short Travel RGB Buttons
  • Hall Sensor Magnetic Paddle with Dual Clutch
  • An Open Ecosystem
  • MOZA Quick Release
  • MOZA Pit House Control Suite
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • 3 Rotary Encoders
  • 2 Thumb Encoders
  • 2 Joysticks

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

The KS wheel case is made of carbon fiber reinforced composites, offering a strong and durable texture. It ensures ultimate firmness and security during sharp turns with its strengthened quick-release connection structure, reinforced with high-strength steel.

300mm Butterfly Style GT Wheel

The KS is MOZA's GT style racing wheel. With its sleek butterfly design and 300mm size, this wheel is built to deliver the ultimate immersion and realism.

An Open Ecosystem

The MOZA KS wheel is the epitome of versatility, designed to work seamlessly with all MOZA wheelbases while also being compatible with 3rd party wheelbases via an adapter to directly connect the PC.

Programmable 0.25mm Short
Travel RGB Buttons

The KS wheel features 10 RGB buttons with 0.25mm short travel and 8 customizable colors. It provides lightning-fast responsiveness and authentic force. Transparent button stickers are included for easy customization and to add a high-tech feel to your setup.

8-Color RPM LED Light

The KS wheel features 10 high-brightness LED lights that allow customization of up to 8 colors, offering an impressive 100 million combinations. But that's not all - with the added ability to customize the RPM indicator switch mode and timing, you'll have complete control over your racing setup.

Hall Sensor Magnetic Paddle with Dual Clutch

The KS magnetic paddles are crafted from durable anodized aluminum, offering a sleek and premium look. They feature non-contact hall sensors with 0.03mm precision for stable and precise control. The paddles have pre-installed silencer pads for smooth and noise-free shifting.

Light Weight Design

The KS wheel weighs only 1220g due to lightweight materials and optimized structure. This low weight improves responsiveness and allows accurate replication of road textures and details.

TPE Rubber Grips

The TPE grips offer a soft and precise feel, along with superior grip and high friction forces for accurate steering control. They are coated with a corrosion-resistant material to enhance durability and protect against wear and tear.

MOZA Quick Release

MOZA's quick release system ensures a seamless wheel transition in seconds. Enjoy a stable, solid connection that works across the whole MOZA ecosystem.

MOZA Pit House Control Suite

The Pit House steering wheel control page features a user-friendly interface that allows you to test the functionality of your wheel, adjust settings for dual-clutch paddle mode, and select between knob and joystick modes. You can also customize the gear shift indicator light color, brightness, and timing, and adjust button colors.

Ergonomic Design

Well-positioned joysticks, buttons, and switches allow quick and intuitive access to adjustments during intense gameplay. The indentations on the grips ensure a secure hold, with or without gloves.

Three 12-position Rotary Encoders, Two 20-position Thumb Encoders, 2 Depressible Joysticks, and 70 Programmable Input Signals

The MOZA KS offers 70 fully programmable input signals for all driving needs. It features thumb and rotary encoders for faster on-the-fly car adjustments, including brake bias, traction control, engine maps, ABS, and more. The two joysticks enable full menu navigation, keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.


Size: 300mm standard GT wheel
Paddle Material: Aluminum alloy
Magnetic Shifter Paddles: 2
Clutch Paddles: 2
Luminous Short Travel Buttons: 10
Joysticks ( depressible): 2
Thumb Encoders: 2
Rotary Encoders: 3
High Brightness LEDs: 10
LED Colors: 8
Intelligent Telemetry: Supported
Fully Adjustable RPM Leds through MOZA Pit House: Supported
Release Method: MOZA Quick Release
Communication Method: Wireless or via Industrial Conductive Slip Ring
Paddle Sensor: Non-contact Hall Sensor
Dual Clutch Paddle Modes: Combined Axis/Independent Axis/button
Knob Modes: Button or dial
Compatibility: All MOZA wheelbases and 3rd party wheelbases
3rd party base expansion port: Supported
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