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SIMGRADE° Thera Pedals

SIMGRADE° Thera Pedals

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If you want pedals with nothing extra but everything you need, you've found what you're looking for. Top-level pedal feel is guaranteed by the development work on the pedals that started in 2019, and Thera’s are the result of this long-term development work.

Pedal feel, i.e. the combination of the necessary force from the foot to the pedal + the length of the movement path and the progressiveness of the response can be easily and quickly adjusted without tools. The ball-bearing, machined aluminum structure is completely gap-free, maintenance-free and quiet.

Due to the reliability of the structure, the product has an exceptionally long 5-year warranty, these are pedals that simply work. Design, manufacturing and assembly are 100% done in Finland.


  • Frame is made of precision-machined, black-anodized aluminum.
  • FEA-analyzed structural strength (Finite Element Analysis).
  • Maintenance-free: no lubrication etc. is required.
  • No metal-to-metal contact in the extreme positions of the pedal movement: pleasant and quiet 'stoppers' in the extreme positions of the movement.
  • The narrow structure allows the pedals to be placed close together, on the other hand, the long pedal cables also allow placing them at a great distance. A large distance is especially important for ergonomics when using larger braking forces.
  • Mounting dimensions of one pedal: 24 mm (width direction) / 80 mm (depth direction). Fastening with M6 bolts that are included in the delivery. It is also possible to use M5 bolts.
  • Each pedal is also adjustable in terms of angle (+8.5 / -8.5 degrees) and distance.
  • The pedal faces are adjustable in height.
  • Throttle, brake & clutch all work with force sensors (load cell), which is one of the most reliable if not the most reliable way of measuring force, and for example dust does not affect the operation of load cells in any way.


  • The maximum load of the brake pedal force sensor is 200 kg, and the maximum force from the foot to the pedal is 110 kg (steel spring) and 75 kg (resistance elastomer). This allows you to simulate a wide range of cars from rally/track (often relatively low pedal force and long range of motion) to formulas (high pedal force and short range of motion).
  • The brake rubber is custom-made, which guarantees not only a very progressive feel and excellent controllability, but also a long life cycle.
  • The response of both the rubber and the steel spring is progressive when applying the brake, but especially when coming off the brake. This is very important in order to achieve the best lap times - well controlled trail braking
  • into the apex is usually the technique that needs to be mastered for the ultimate performance.
  • There are 16 different stiffness settings, and switching between them is very quick and easy without tools.


  • Due to the ball-bearing structure, the gas pedal has a very smooth feel.
  • The spring on the throttle provides a very progressive feel with a good amount of resistance.
  • 12 different settings for the resistance.


  • ●The clutch pedal operates based on a linear response (linear-force operated).
  • Due to the ball-bearing structure, the clutch pedal has a very smooth feel.
  • 4 different settings for the resistance.

Calibration / Software

  • Software that calibrates the pedals and saves the settings is included. For each pedal it is possible to make non-linear response curves and save profiles for different cars.
  • Resolution 12 bits.
  • Available languages in software: EN, GER, FRA, FIN


  • Controller box + USB cable
  • Polyurethane elastomer (installed on the brake as a default)
  • 1 x steel spring L=44 mm + needed inserts
  • 4x M6 T-nut (for mounting to aluminum profile) for each pedal + 4x M6-16 bolts + washers
  • Extra washers for adjusting preload
  • Clutch comes with one optional spring
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