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SIMGRADE° R7 Pedals (Spec C)

SIMGRADE° R7 Pedals (Spec C)

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Do you want to maximize the precision of the feel, optimize the ergonomics and adjust the pedals to match your preferences perfectly? In the case of R7 pedals, these characteristics have been the most important things guiding the design. If R7 pedals are compared to others on the market, it can be said that there are no similar ones from other manufacturers. The most significant distinguishing factor is the structure, where the heel support can move according to the movement of the pedal shaft and thus the foot. 

As a result of the structure, operating principle and adjustability, you use the pedals with a precision that is difficult, even impossible, to achieve with other pedals. Although there are plenty of features and adjustability, it is still easy & quick to make adjustments. Therefore, the pedals are suitable for users from beginner to professional level. It's no exaggeration to say that R7 pedals can give you a competitive advantage, it's then up to you to take advantage of it. Design, manufacturing and assembly are 100% done in Finland.

Warranty 2 years.


  • Stainless steel
  • The ball bearing of the head joints guarantees a very smooth feel.
  • The unique (dual-action) structure enables control in two directions, doubling the operating precision.
  • The heel support that rotates along with the pedal arm eliminates the sliding of the pedal surface against the foot and thus enables complete concentration on driving & performance lap after lap.
  • Fully adjustable (forward-backward, up-down, angle adjustment) pedal surfaces and pairs of heel stoppers ensure ergonomics that are just right for you.
  • The pedals are freely adjustable laterally, enabling a natural foot position (hip line). This is important from the point of view of ergonomics, because pedals placed too close to each other can expose you to knee pain, this is especially true for the brake pedal, which uses the most force.
  • Very quiet in use.
  • Maintenance-free: no lubrication etc. is required.
  • Mounting dimensions of one pedal: 87 mm (width direction) x 80 mm (depth direction). Fastening with M6 boltsE that are included in the delivery. It is also possible to use M5 bolts.
  • Each pedal is adjustable in terms of angle (+8 / -16 degrees).
  • Throttle, brake & clutch all work with force sensors (load cell), which is one of the most reliable if not the most reliable way of measuring force, and for example dust does not affect the operation of load cells in any way.


  • In the brake 200 kg force sensor (load cell) maximum force from the foot to the pedal 100 kg.
  • It is possible to use a two-stage resistance, so you will feel as soon as you reach a certain braking force you have set. The point at which the second phase is activated is freely adjustable.
  • Various elastomers & one optional spring are included in the delivery.
  • Very easy and quick adjustability for pedal hardness and feel. Throttle
  • Due to the ball-bearing structure, the gas pedal has a very smooth feel.
  • The dual-action structure makes throttle modulation precision excellent. This is essential when driving on the edge of traction, especially when exiting corners.


  • Simulates pressure plate feel in real life clutch, you can feel the degressive resistance at the end of the travel.
  • Extremely accurate to use with the dual-action structure. 
Calibration / Software
  • Software that calibrates the pedals and saves the settings is included. For each pedal it is possible to make non-linear response curves and save profiles for different cars.
  • Resolution 12 bits.
  • Available languages in software: EN, GER, FRA, FIN


  • Controller box + USB cable
  • Polyurethane elastomers: 4 x L=15 mm (installed) | 5 x L=10 mm
  • 1 x steel spring L=51 mm
  • Grounding cable (use only if needed)
  • Grip tape for the brake pedal
  • 4x M6 T-nut (for mounting to aluminum profile) for each pedal + 4x M6-16 bolts + washers
  • 2x M4 T-nut for controller box + M4-25 bolts
  • Extra washers
  • Clutch comes with one optional spring

Sim Racing Garage (Spec B)
Race Beyond Matter First Drive (Spec C)
Race Beyond Matter Full Review (Spec C)

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