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Moza Racing



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Key Features

  • MCLS Force Feedback Algorithm
  • 12Nm Peak Torque
  • Dual Servo Motors
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • High-Resolution Encoder
  • Compatible with Top Flight Simulation Games
  • Quiet and Seamless Design

Dual Servo Motors Delivering a Peak Torque of 12Nm

The MOZA AB9 FFB Base features dual class-leading servo motors, with a single direction providing a constant 9Nm of torque and the system offering a peak torque of 12Nm. This exceptional torque provides precise, dynamic feedback, accurately simulating an aircraft's response during various flight conditions such as taxiing, takeoff, landing, and turbulence. Its robust torque capability effortlessly manages complex and intense flight maneuvers, making it ideal for flight simulation enthusiasts and professional trainers seeking challenging and realistic flight experiences.

Proprietary MCLS Force Feedback Technology

The high-torque dual servo motors, coupled with our proprietary MOZA Control Loading System (MCLS), deliver precise force feedback technology. With a maximum adjustable ±20° travel, it accurately simulates various flight scenarios, significantly enhancing the realism and immersion of flight simulations.

MOZA Cockpit Control Software

Our proprietary MOZA Cockpit Control Software sets the industry standard with its intuitive UI design and superior interaction experience. It offers plug-and-play convenience along with shareable presets for tailored force feedback settings. Users can effortlessly adjust control parameters, fine-tune the intensity of force feedback, and modify response characteristics to perfectly align with their personal preferences.

Crafted from Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy

Constructed from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and finished with automotive-quality paint, this minimalist yet rugged design guarantees robustness, mechanical and thermal stability.

High-Resolution Encoder

Our high-resolution encoder chip elevates the base's ability to replicate flight dynamics with exceptional accuracy. It responds with precision to every control input, from the slightest adjustments to rapid maneuvers, enhancing the realism of flight simulations and boosting pilot immersion and satisfaction.

Compatibility with Leading Flight Sim Games

Our system seamlessly integrates with popular flight simulation titles like MSFS2020, X-plane 12/11/10, DCS, IL-2, War Thunder, and more, ensuring an immersive experience across a wide range of platforms.

Quiet and Seamless Design

Our fanless structure minimizes operational noise, enabling users to dive into their gaming experience without distraction. The sealed design not only reduces dust and particulate matter ingress but also extends the device's lifespan for sustained enjoyment.

Ultra-Smooth Servo Motor with Low Cogging Torque

The segmented winding design of the servo motor combined with our unique optimization algorithm delivers not only exceptionally low cogging torque and torque ripple but class leading ultra smooth operation and responsiveness.

Open Ecosystem

The MOZA AB9 active force feedback base supports third-party flight sticks with compatible mounts, demonstrating MOZA's commitment to an open and inclusive ecosystem.

Multiple Installation Options

The system supports a variety of installation methods, including desktop clamping or mounting on a dedicated rig. This versatility allows it to adapt to different usage environments and space requirements, meeting the personalized installation preferences of diverse users.

Endured Millions of Tests

Each unit has undergone over a million rigorous test cycles, ensuring a high-quality experience and reliability.

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    We have partnered with The Courier Guy and shipping can be done to any location in South Africa. All shipping costs will be provided on Checkout. All aluminium rigs are shipped fully assembled.

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    We do provide delivery services to any location in Gauteng You also have an option to collect from us in Centurion, Pretoria